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A picture is worth a thousand words

Screen Flow Library v2 for Axure Live demo

Having a visual representation to support your ideas is always helpful. I created this library to help you start quicker, and every widget is using Axure 8 default components, following Axure library recommendations to maximize compatibility, this library has grown over time as I use it into my everyday work.

Axure library v2.5

Widgets included

  • Content: A group of widgets of the most common pages
  • Dialogs: This group includes different representation of dialog boxes
  • Badges: Combine these widgets to represent different states of a screen
  • Headers: Common page headers found in many sites
  • Lightbox: Widgets that represents simple lightboxes, galeries or video.
  • Pages: Collections of common pages found through the web, based on widgets on this collection
  • Product features: Simple way to represent product or services features
  • Layouts: Represent different page layouts, 2 columns, fluid, 3 columns and sidebar plus content

Purchase & Download for $2.99 USD